Hello Chocolate!

For my premier post, I want to share a short ode to chocolate that I have been working on.

Well actually, I am about to write it just this second for the blog, but as it is past my dinner time and I am very hungry I’m salivating just thinking about chocolate, so it is sure to be very good. The poem, not chocolate. Chocolate is always very good.


Ode to Chocolate

At 24, I’ve never had a cavity

which is a miracle considering my affinity

for sweets and pastries, ice cream and pie

but by far the true apple of my eye

is chocolate. Dark rich beautiful



I have loved chocolate since I was wee, but I have never blogged about it before, so I don’t have a stockpile of chocolate pictures. Will remedy soon, as pictures are to blogs, as chocolate is to life! Which is to say: vital!


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