If I were on Iron Chef

If I were on Iron Chef, and the secret ingredient were chocolate, what 5 courses would I make?

1) To begin: a berry gazpacho topped drizzled with white chocolate.


2) Next up: a light spinach salad with fresh strawberries, raw almonds slices, goat cheese and chocolate vinaigrette dressing

spinach salad with chocolate vinaigrette dressing

3) Then: a small dish of macaroni and cocoa (as opposed to cheese). Ingredients: Cocoa powder, butter and sugar.. it sounds (and looks) gross but someone I love swears by it.


4) For the main: Cocoa and toasted-almond encrusted salmon with a side of sweet potato gnocchi


5) And finally: Chocolate fondue. Of course.


What would you make?


2 responses to “If I were on Iron Chef

  1. Jessica Laird

    A) You must have 2 much time on your hands if you have 2 blogs. You should write me “Istanbul Wheat Market Integration” research paper for me.
    If not, download doodle jump. You will be addicted.
    B) Everyone knows white chocolate isn’t REAL chocolate.

  2. Lose the macaroni and cocoa (sugary schick).
    If bored, try mint.com that could be fun (I can’t do it, because has Dad has all our on-line accounts in his name :_) (my nose is out of joint).

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