The verdict is in!

Judge loved ’em!
E told me the judge came into his office at 1pm and said something like “I’ve already eaten half of them. I think I overdosed on cookies. In fact, I didn’t eat lunch! The cookies were lunch.”
So there you go. My cookies got the judge’s stamp of approval. I’ll tell you what though: they weren’t terribly good for you. Lots of buttah of the peanut and normal varieties. I hope the judge doesn’t have a coronary in the next 24 hours. It would be hard for me to not feel guilty (I feel guilty already, and nothing’s happened. What can I do, I’m a good(ish) jew).
ALSO in other non-chocolate related news: I changed the water cooler at work today.  Without any help!! Anyone watch 30 rock? (if you answered no to that question, you should) Remember the episode where Liz has to change the water cooler and gets water everywhere but in the contraption? That was always my biggest fear. But I am to all about facing my fears (And eating cake). So anyway, I was alone in the break room and I wanted water but woe is me, there was no water………. ok I could tell this story but I bet you can guess the ending (hint, I told you already): I changed the water cooler at work today. YAY ME. And then I bragged about it on the internet. The End.

Still no pictures of chocolate. I know. I know, what kind of blogger am I? Um, a tired one? I’m on day 2 of my impromptu-ish caffeine withdrawal. Impromptu?? You say. Well,
Day 1: I didn’t have enough cash for the vending machine yesterday*, and decided, on a whim-type thing to go cold turkey!
Day 2: I hate Day 1 me. I hate turkey. Unless it’s warm.
So, no chocolate today. But there is still reason to celebrate: SYTYCD is recording as I type this.  Tomorrow, I will watch it. I love you, tomorrow.
And not to worry, there will definitely be real chocolate baked goods come Friday night. E and I are going to a dinner party and I’m making desserts. I’m thinking something chocolate with strawberries, but I’m not sure… what should I make?

* Um I am such a junkie. I didn’t have $1.25 for a coke, and I was almost in tears. Talk about a coke habit. At least it was the cheaper and legaler kind.


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