Joy, Love and Peace.

death by chocolate

If you think the dove is overkill, you should have tried the cake (you still can, 1/2 of it is in my fridge).

This is the most decadent, rich, chocolatey dessert I have ever made, and probably have ever tasted too. It was fudge, but richer. Needless to say (or possibly not), we hardly made a dent Friday night. I think my problem was that I didn’t have enough wine with dinner. Richness has no effect on me when I’m drunk. I think E’s problem was that he had too much wine with dinner. He was nearly asleep by the time we got around to cake.

Last night, we gave our creative juices (and oven) a rest and went out to try a local creperie. Okay, okay, so it’s actually a franchise and doesn’t NEARLY stack up against the real French thing. But crepes are crepes and these were decent ones.

E and I shared this for dessertyum

E: “it could stand to have more chocolate”

what else is new?

Next on my to-bake list:

1) More cookies for E’s Judge, apparently they’re in demand.

2) Make something with Mangoes. I don’t have any good mango recipes in mind. But I live in Miami and there are mango trees everywhere! At least 3 of the professors in the psych department have multiple mango trees and bring in their extra crop. Everyday I come to work to this…

mango heaven…and that was a light day

These aren’t just any mangoes, these are the best mangoes you’ve ever eaten!

I may never buy a mango again.

But what can I bake with them?

On a final note:

I’m trying to cut caffeine out of my diet. But as my mother so kindly pointed out. There’s caffeine in chocolate.

I think she misread the ingredients. Chocolate: joy, love, peace.


5 responses to “Joy, Love and Peace.

  1. I agree. Chocolate is love.

  2. the cake looks amazing! I don’t think it would have been too rich for me — LOOOVE chocolate.

    and i like the dove ;)

  3. Jessica Laird

    I love dove chocolate.
    Especially the ones with almonds.

  4. your food is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I have posted how to properly steam your buns!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. I have the best mango salmon recipe (mangos were my favorite FOOD–not just fruit–and I developed an allergy to them last year!) Do you eat salmon? I’d be happy to email you the recipe–just write me if you want it,

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