What do you think of when you hear the word attrition?

Usually it reminds me of all the participants I have worked so hard to recruit who drop out of our studies at work (have I even mentioned what I do for a living? Hmm, I’ll go update my About Me page, and you can check it out).

But recently, attrition has had additional significance in my life. This time, with regard to my muscles.

My attitude towards exercise has always been: yah, meh.

Growing up I played sports half-heartedly and stayed in decent shape. In college, I ran occasionally, but it hurt my knee. For about 10 months after college, I went to the gym everyday to justify eating whatever I wanted (and I gained weight, supresa supresa).

So after all this I kind of said, yah, meh! I don’t enjoy exercise, it doesn’t particularly like me- we’re both a bit relieved when we’re just left alone. And, for the past year or so, that has been my motto. And it has worked out well enough. I’ve maintained weight (in case you were curious) despite my sloth, by not believing my hallucinations that fad diets will work.

But honestly, (and by admitting this, I am just inviting my mother to say “I told you so”) I think I’m less happy. This is a radical statement, but I think something about exercise makes me feel good. Do I enjoy working out? NO. Do I enjoy feeling strong and sweaty and like I am not wasting my life sitting on a couch watching So You Think You Can Dance while they are on the screen living their dreams? Yes, thank you.

The problem is, I have difficulty finding a type of exercise that suits me. I love the solitude of running, but my knee is no good. I have strong legs and a great bike and really enjoy biking but it rains here everyday (and when it’s not raining it is 1000 degrees). I think what I need to do is hop on the blogging band wagon and get into yoga. I love the concept of meditation, and we even practice it with the kiddies at work occasionally. I love solitude, I have strong legs, I am working on being more mindful: I really think I could fall in love with yoga. But I don’t know where to start!serenity

Blogis (hehe like Yogis, but for blogging): I am seeking your help!!

Chocolate can only take me so far towards self-actualization. Please, how should a wanna-be yogite start?

My "Before" Picture

My "Before" Picture


4 responses to “Attrition

  1. Jessica Laird

    my dear sister,
    I’m afraid you have fallen off the deep end blogging wise as you are asking the blogging community for help with yoga. Though ask and you shall receive. There are these things, you know, called yoga classes. It sounds absurd, but yes! Many people get in a room together and do yoga together with help from an instructor. Sometimes, there is even “doga” classes.
    Alternatively, you could get barbar’s guide to yoga if you want to be especially anti-sosh, and a bit more sophisticated elephant like.
    Hrmph, now I am afraid I have gone off the end “snarky” comments wise.

    • Another thing we do at work is called “planned ignoring” so I will just planfully ignore your snark, while taking your suggestions seriously.
      Where can I find this Babar’s guide. He sounds like an excellent yogi.
      OR MAYBE this is a grand excuse to get a dog, so I can practice doga.

  2. lol I love your “before picture”…

    When I started yoga, I used websites such as

    I also love Polly’s website “Yoga is Yummy.” Have you seen it?? She’s got some great ‘yoga for beginers’ videos on there.

    Yoga is amazing and really good for you!

  3. Your sister amuses me greatly. My sister is not witty at all and generally parrots back my jokes and sarcastic phrases to me and others, making me want to punch her in the face. She has better hair and a nicer rack than me though. I guess this is God’s concept of equity.

    Classes are good because you can get your posture corrected by an instructor. I would recommend starting with a Hatha yoga or a beginners’ yoga class. Hatha is designed to bring you to a relaxed state but it still builds strength and flexibility. You use a variety of poses in that class (unlike Bikram or Ashtanga where you often do a pose sequence) and it moves at a slow enough pace that you can look around trying to figure out how to do the poses. It will make you feel really good (like orgasmically good) so you will want to come back, which is good for building the habit of practicing.

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