Take a moment to set your intention

It’s been so peaceful and calm over here.

I’m sorry if that silence has been uncomfortable for you. I was just having a moment of meditation. During my (2+ weeklong) meditation I have come to the following conclusion: I love yoga. I really really love it. I am really really bad at it. But, being the competitive person that I am (competitive yoga? Why not!) I am embracing the challenge and practicing at least 3 or 4 times a week (often more!). This has lead to very sore arms but no rock hard abs (yet!). I’m not giving up hope. Give me a couple more weeks (months) and I’ll post pictures of my chiseled physique!

Speaking of weeks: what else has happened in my absence?

1) I got engaged

2) E and I moved

3) I went up to family camp

Are you noticing a trend (besides the: Emily is having a really kick-a$$, fabulous summer trend)?

Over the past couple weeks I have been doing a lot more posting on my other blog

This is something else I have been thinking intently about during my meditation. What is the purpose of life (er… for this blog)?

I originally conceived it as a sister-blog to Emily’s Weblog. But I’m just not witty/motivated enough to keep 2 blogs going, full swing. In the past couple months, I’ve noticed that whenever I focus on one blog the other suffers.

So: I am taking a moment to set my intention for this blog. I will not give it up completely. I like having a place to talk about food and fitness, and I don’t think my other blog is that place. But I won’t be posting here nearly as frequently. Maybe when I learn a new yoga move and have a fun pic. to share, or when I try a new chocolate recipe that is deliciousoso. Or when I am sick of the other blog. But for those of you who have only been reading this blog and who feel like I don’t post enough (this may only apply to one or two people in the world, but if that is you, then HURRAH–> read on), please consider bookmarking my other blog: http://lairdea.wordpress.com.

I plan to update that more regularly.


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