About Me

Me and E

Me– My name is Emily. I am a rising first year graduate student in the University of Miami Department of Psychology Child Clinical Ph.D. program. You think that sentence was long? Try the graduate program: 5 years of classes/research/clinical hours/dissertation writing + 1 year internship. Good thing I love it. Or at least, I hope I do..

E– my main man, E and I met in college and now we live together (yes, in sin) in Miami. E just finished his first year of law, and thinks this is an excuse to win discussions. It is not.

Other cast and characters

My Mom- I talk about her a lot. She is my biggest fan, and was the first (and remains the only) person to subscribe to my blog. She also comments on my blog a lot (sometimes with a false identity when she’s trying to be sneaky). HI MOM!

Dr. E (Yes, another E, but she’s the only Dr… so far…)- my mentor and graduate school advisor. My main focus of research is developing treatment and prevention programs for children and adolescents with (or at risk for) anxiety and/or depression. I love the wee folk, so Dr. E and I developed a summer prevention program to provide emotion regulation education to kids at a summer camp. Camp starts next week. I am excited, and petrified.

Photos of Me and E

E loves photo booth

E loves Photo Booth

Looking Sharp

When his face isn't distorted, E looks like this

And when he's eating chocolate, he looks like this

And when he's eating chocolate, he looks like this


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  1. gah I think I may love your blog!

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