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Cookies for a crowd

Tonight I am baking 6+ dozen cookies for 70+ youngsters. I’m not sure that is enough, so I may have to whip out the mixer and make a couple (dozen) more. And by a couple, I mean four. I have no idea what 11 dozen cookies looks like, but I am about to find out. Dozen 8 and 9 are in the oven right now and my kitchen is already a tower of cookies. It is also 100+ degrees in here–quick side bar, I just went to hit the + sign and found cookie dough on it. This should indicate 2 things to you 1) I have been using the + sign with abnormal frequency tonight. 2) I have cookie dough coming out of my ears– Seriously, I bet it is over 100 degrees in here. As I was downstairs licking my fingers while washing the dishes from batch-o-cookies number one, I called up to E and asked if sweating while baking counts as a workout. Apparently not. HUMPH, would it kill him to enable my denial?

The most delicious cookies I've ever made.Anyway, in the end, my batter made 12.5 dozen cookies. I don’t have tupperware for that many cookies. But, the good news is, these cookies are delicious. I got this recipe from Jennifer at Bake or Break. It is her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and now it is mine. I’ll ask the kiddies tomorrow and see what they think, but this recipe tentatively gets an A+ in my recipe book.

In other news, I ate my weight in cookie dough this evening, so if salmonella is legit (and not just a scare tactic to keep me away from the batter growing up) I’m about to suffer big time. Honestly, I’ll probably suffer for this either way.

Stay tuned, tomorrow night we’re making pizza with some new friends. Our apartment is currently a mess. I figure I have 2 options: clean the apartment, or distract our guests with beer until they are too buzzed to care. We’ll see which one I go with.

Ciao bella.  Arrivederci