Laughing at clouds

We have spent the past 5 days biking (and sometimes singing) in the (cold and windy) rain. Being the honest person that I am, I will tell it to you straight: I have enjoyed some things more than this in my life.


But we’re having fun all the same!

And the guides have picked up on my subtle hint that I like chocolate (I said: next time you buy snacks, buy chocolate)

Chocolate at 9am? Yes please.

They’ve even gotten into the whole chocolate blog thing and offer to take my pictures with (a percentage of) my chocolate conquests


a different cake

another night, another cake

Needless to say, no amount of biking can counteract this kind of gluttony. But I tried!

CIMG0756And when the rain lifted for just a second, we actually saw nice scenery too.

chamomile fields?Alright, enough lazy blogging, off to a (free!) yoga class before our last gluttonous glorious dinner.

Je vouz aime beaucoup. Happy (almost) 1/2 birthday to me :)


5 responses to “Laughing at clouds

  1. I’m almost jealous…

  2. Anne H. Putnam

    i find it ironic that your comment about counteracting chocolate with biking is followed by a photo of your RIDICULOUS pins! lady, stop being so leggy and hot please. thank you.

    • If I’m honest, I will secretly reveal that the leggy picture was taken BEFORE biking. And the after shot is not so pretty.

  3. Anne H. Putnam

    haha yeah right. i know your legs like the back of my hand! or something less… gross.
    come to london and we will go to amsterdam and bike together! i bike. sometimes. if there’s chocolate involved…

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