Drizza and Draking

Good morning from my patio.

It is about 100 degrees in the sun outside, but far too beautiful to be inside! So if this post trails off, it probably means I’ve died of heat stroke, or gone for a dip in the pool.

Anyway, sorry for the long absence. As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve had a big project starting up at work this week and I have been a busy bee trying to get everything squared away. But it’s been going great, so I took yesterday evening off…

not actually a picture from last night, but this captures the atmosphere of last night (i.e. alcohol and happiness)

not actually a picture from last night, but this captures the atmosphere of last night (i.e. alcohol and happiness)

Last night, E and I decided to celebrate his good grades by having a little alcyhol and making pizzas. Now, I know there is a trend going around the blogging world known as drogging, but I draw the line at blogging drunk. I do NOT, however, draw the line at tipsooking (tipsy-cooking) or buzaking (buzzed-baking).

So, as I was preparing the dough for pizzas, and enjoying my Mike’s Hard Lemonade on a very empty stomach, it suddenly seemed like a great idea to try and throw the dough in the air a la professionals. It also seemed like a good idea to try and catch this on camera. And E was upstairs, so I was trying to accomplish both of these things (while alternating sips with my Mike’s) at once. I took about 20 pictures of this process, but they all look the same, so I’ll just share 2 or 3.




Actually, if you can believe it, these pictures make this process look a lot more civilized than it actually was. In reality, I took about 17 pictures of the wall and missed the dough, and I dropped one of the 2 crusts on the ground. But E was upstairs so… heh heh heh, guess who got that one?

Anyway, needless to say this was not a terribly successful technique, and the crusts were still quite thick. It was time to resort to Plan B.


Eventually E came down and supervised this process. All ended well with pizzas and full bellys.


please excuse my tipsography

Then, I decided to make cookies.

I think it is a wonder no one was hurt in this process.

But I’ll admit, the pizza and cookies were not my best work.

Lesson of the day: for best results, don’t drink and bake.

Lesson numero two: I only had one Mike’s last night. That was it. I am officially a light weight.


3 responses to “Drizza and Draking

  1. I like the concept of
    tipsooking and buzaking.
    I think I will do some right now!

    • Did you not read the warning label at the end of my post!! IT can be dangerous! Make sure vati or J-frizzle is around to supervise.

  2. Hahaha! This is awesome. I should really share some photos on the blog from my last drunken adventure called “popcorn making.” Yup, definitely spilled a huge bowl all over the floor in my effort to walk to the couch. D had to make me a new bowl and bring it to me and then I spilled it again. I just ate it off the floor that time and kept missing my mouth. Just keepin it classy over haaaaar…

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